Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Tea Party

Today I attended a special Mother's Day Tea Party at Tirzah's kindergarten. The children prepared cards and gifts for their mothers, they served us some snacks, they sang a few songs and recited a poem, then they performed a play for us. I was very thankful I could get the time off work.


The cost of sending our children to an American school is that I am apparently a "Number One Mom" not "Mum". It's the thought that counts, though, and Tirzah was extremely thoughtful to spoil me in so many ways at our special Tea Party. Thank you to my dear little girl!


  1. HA! I noticed right away that it said "mom" instead of "mum". Of course, I feel the opposite way that everything here says "mum" instead of "mom". We can trade, if you'd like. Glad that you got to enjoy some time with Tirzah!

  2. Gorgeous photo of the two of you xxx

  3. So Tirzah herself was the Little Red Hen?

    1. Yes, Mum, she had the main role and the most lines to say.