Monday, August 20, 2012

Photo update from Jemilla

This is my school friend Adele who invited me to Disneyland one day in the holidays.

On another day Adele and my other good friend Yat Sum and I went to the Picasso exhibition at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum.

Yat Sum and Adele

We liked exploring the other displays at the Heritage Museum.

Larry Boy, the old hamster we were looking after in the holidays, died one night so we buried him in the pot plant on our roof. I was very sad.

This photo was taken at church on the day I sang two songs with their children's choir.

Joelle, this is the crackle nail polish I told you I bought. Do you like it?

Mum and I went to see "Brave" together in 3D. I loved it! I thought the three little bears were really cute.

In the holidays I had a health check-up. I didn't like having to wear an annoying mask the whole time I was there.

This is at my friend Michael's house. They had a big back-to-school dinner one night.

I used my birthday money from Nana and Grandpa and some leftover Christmas money to buy this Lego Friends cafe set.

One night we went to a barbeque with lots of Dad's work friends. Here we were watching the movie "Up".

I am in fifth grade now, and we RULE the elementary! This is my teacher Mrs Hunter. She is nice and makes lots of jokes. I am excited to learn the clarinet this year.


  1. Dear Jemilla,
    I was very happy to see all your photos just now.I can not believe that you are really in 5TH Grade!!!Oh yes,I guess that you can really boss around all the little kids.
    See you soon....have just posted a little letter to you.
    xxxxx Manou

  2. Hi jem i love your pics and did you go to disney with out your mum :-) so i miss hk do you miss perth? I miss you and i'm in grade 5/6/ hu well see you soon you do look good in your glassas pss it is joelle :-)so i hope to see you soon when you moov back yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well (b)(y)(e) :-) see you real soon GOD bless love Joelle p.s.s i have typed "hi on skype to you so pls let me now when we can type. ?how long till you get back to perth. i hope soon well how have you been have you had a floo if not thats good :-) bye for now joellé