Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Photo update from Keegan

I love summer time!

This is one giant shoe!

And this is one GIANT ping pong paddle!

In the holidays I went to the health clinic for a check-up.

I liked playing with this new construction toy that lit up when I joined pieces together.

Nana and Grandpa sent me birthday money, and I spent some of it on this soccer outfit.

Do you like my watermelon helmet, Manou?

This photo was in Park N Shop before the Euro 2012 Soccer Cup at which Spain won. I was cheering for England.

I am pointing to Sydney.

Aaaargh! Captain Keegan here!

We are all proud to be Australian.

This was taken the night we said good-bye to our ICS friends Joseph and Kayla Wong.

Joseph and Kayla and their parents moved to China to work at Jacob Tree.

Look! Same shoes!

I like seeing all the London Olympic displays in the shopping centres.

I am in third grade now. This is my teacher Mrs Loo who has taught at ICS for eleven years. My good friends are Cayden and Gavin. I know from Jemilla that this year I will learn about Ancient Rome and times tables.


  1. I enjoyed all the photos,Keegan and,oh yes,I am very envious of your green helmet.It would turn heads in Perth,for sure!
    However, SOON I shall be able to show you my GREAT cycling T-shirt!
    Did you hear that the South Africans are now the best cricketers?
    CU soon.xxManou.

  2. Keegan I love your photos - especially those shoes!!!Perfect Aussie colour!
    You will have a wonderful year in Mrs Loo's class this year I'm sure :) Blessings from Mrs Whenuaroa ps - you need to visit me in my new office and see what is on my wall.