Thursday, August 23, 2012

Photo update from Tirzah

Here I am calling Manou to ask her if she is really coming to visit my school in September.

I am in R2 this year. I am so happy because Mrs Davis is my teacher again.

Mummy bought me a special babyccino drink one day at a restaurant.

This photo is evidence that my Mum and Dad really spoil me. I have three of the exact same dolls. They are called Alinta Number Two, Alinta Number Three, and Alinta Number Four. I can tell them all apart, but I love them equally. You may recall that Alinta Number One (formerly known as simply "Alinta") accidentally got left on a train bound for China. Well, my Manou found a new Alinta in Perth and my Aunty Lauren bought a new Alinta for me in New Zealand.

These photos were taken at my playgroup friend Rachel's birthday party.

At Rachel's party there was a pinata...

a short movie...

and face painting.

I love Stella, the Turner's dog.

I know it's still cold in Australia, but here in Hong Kong it's perfect weather for swimming.

Look at me riding my new bike!

I drew this picture of a chook and her five eggs.

Do you think these chips are real?

One day at Park N Shop we met "Coco" who scared me a little bit until he gave me some free cereal.

And here I am enjoying the massage chair at my Mum's school.


  1. Tirzah, I LOVE your chicken drawing! Can you do one for me and send it in the mail?
    Today, even though it is still Winter, it got to 30 degrees in Maitland. We all enjoyed having a warm day to remind us how much we love Summer!

  2. Dear Tirzah,
    Just a little reminder so that you don't forget to take me to your school,maybe one day next week!NEXT WEEK! That is NOT long to wait now!
    I laughed and laughed when I saw you on the massage chair!I am sure that it would be all wobbly for me.
    xxx from Manou

  3. That massage chair is sooo fun. I discovered that it taps your back & neck. We laughed and laughed.