Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gappers and party

On Saturday morning Keegan attended his usual cricket lesson with his Gappers team-mates.

After cricket, Keegan met his friend Cayden at Ma Wan Beach for a play and picnic lunch.

That afternoon Cayden's sister celebrated her birthday, and Keegan was invited to join in the fun.

Keegan came home from his busy day tired but happy as he won a prize at the party, a new board game for our family games night.


  1. Dear Keegan,
    I am very proud to see you out there on the pitch.Your uniform is super.
    What a lovely sunny morning it was,too.
    Hope that the game you won is fun.I love you.M

  2. Looks like Keegan sent those first two balls to the boundary! Good to see :)
    Craig L
    PS. Which board game did Keegan win?

    1. It's called Humpty Dumpty's Wall Game where players pull out bricks from the wall without dislodging Humpty...a bit like Jenga.