Saturday, October 27, 2012

Living his dream


Keegan came home today exhilarated after having experienced his "BEST DAY EVER". This weekend is the 2012 Hong Kong Sixes tournament, and Keegan was chosen to be a ball boy! 

Supposedly the quickest and most fun-filled version of the game, the Sixes (thus named because of its six players per side) is famous for its huge hits, 20 plus runs every over, and spectacular catches between the eight international teams represented. 

Keegan and Craig had to arrive early at the Kowloon Cricket Club to prepare for the day's responsibilities.

Between breakfast and the first match, the ball boys found time to play on the nearby playground.

Two Gappers coaches coordinated the two teams of ball boys who alternated duties during the long day of matches.

Sadly, Australia lost this game.

This was the first ball Keegan and his partner Soham recovered.

Keegan cheered on the teams when he was not on duty. The Aussie players happened to sit right in front of him, adding to the thrill of the game.

CL, maybe you know who these two up-and-coming players are? Take note that the youngest guy in this photo keeps telling us he is the future captain of the Aussie team!

The Australian team posed for photos with some of the sponsors.

Three Gappers ball boys with the Aussie 2012 Sixes team.

He's not Ponting, but Keegan was still pretty chuffed to meet Captain Brad Hodge and get his signature.

I expect that at this very minute Keegan is dreaming about playing on the Australian team in the future Sixes himself. I also reckon his cheeks are sore from grinning all day!


  1. How exciting! Glad that Keegan had such a fun opportunity.

  2. Thanks Mum. My cheeks are still grinning now (on my way with Dad to day #2). Keegan

  3. What a great day! I know Theo Doropoulos but not the other guy. I hope you told Theo he needs to step up and take the Western Warriors on to big things this far we have no hope for the rest of the season already and we're only a couple of games into the season!!! I'd like Keegan to play for Australia but not NSW...we need him over here :)
    Craig L.

  4. Hello Keegan

    Wow, what an experience you had at the cricket.
    I wish I had been there to see you in action.
    Well done to be chosen as well.

    We are very proud of you.


    Grandpa and Nana

  5. Wow- what a great experience!
    Maybe oneday some lucky kid will be getting Keegan Harvey's autograph at the Sixes..

  6. Wow,Keegan.I'm still smiling too!

  7. What a fabulous experience Keegan! Keep dreaming big dreams!

  8. Great Blog Mum