Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter fun at Forest Hill

Today we visited the clubhouse at our estate to participate in some planned Easter children's games.

Tirzah and her friend Anna burned a lot of energy on the jumping castle.

Keegan raced the timer in a cup-stacking game.

This activity required steady hands and precision to roll a ping pong ball down two parallel strings and into a cup to receive a prize.

Jemilla sat at the craft table and planted some seeds into an egg filled with soil.

This was a popular game requiring contestants to step on a board to shoot a ball out of a cup onto a vertical target board.

At home this week we have been indulging in some homemade Easter treats.

"Empty tomb" pancakes

Easter nests

Next Easter we will be able to eat hot cross buns again. After four years away from home, the children have forgotten what they taste like!

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