Friday, March 8, 2013

Recent photos from Jemilla

Here I am at our school's Chinese New Year Chapel where I was explaining the meanings of the different colours on Chinese opera costumes.

Yay! I'm taller than Aunty Celine!

At the Wishing Tree village with a float from the CNY parade.

I like borrowing these shoes from Mum!

I love this car!

I dressed as 'The Word Spy' for Book Character Day.

Mum and I went to see the ICS Middle School drama production called 'How to Eat Like a Child'.

On the carousel at Ma On Shan

Tirzah and I under a balloon doorway

Mum and I went into Shenzhen, China, for a special day of shopping.

I made this house out of Lego. The penguin is called Aunt Arctic and she is the editor for the Club Penguin Times.

All ready for ICS Elementary Sports Day! Keegan and I were both on the green team.

One sunny day we went to Tai Mei Tuk for a picnic and bike ride.

We flew our kite while riding the bike.

These are my presents from Mum and Dad's trip to Japan.

Dad took this photo of us all reading books during home group.

I took these photos on a day when my Chinese Class went to a place called Idiom Park on an excursion.

The Harvey kids


  1. SO much continues to happen in your life Jemilla! Great photos - my favourite is you as a spy! Did you enjoy the musical? Can't wait to see you all soon!

  2. Dear Jemilla,
    YEAH! Go the green team!
    I like the idea of flying that kite while peddling the bike.What else could you do at the same time?
    I remember having fun over the bumps.
    Wow.You could probably fit into my shoes also!
    I love you,Manou