Saturday, March 9, 2013

Recent photos from Keegan

 With my cricket coach

This was when my class earned a party and free dress as a reward.

GO SWANS! This is a picture of our TV in Hong Kong during the 2012 AFL Grand Final presentation. Could you hear us celebrating?

Collecting crabs with our friends the Cliff boys

My last ride on the carousel at Ma On Shan

Mum took this photo of me in an awkward position for sleeping.

Watching Chinese drummers play in a shopping centre

Whose plant is the tallest? No.6 is mine.

My friend Cayden (next to me) at his 9th birthday party sleepover


Opening his birthday present

My Lego spy

At home group

My class chapel, January 31st. We acted out a play about a Moslem man who learned about Jesus. Then we danced to the song "Strong Tower".

ICS Elementary Sports Day

This shop is close to dad's work, selling junk and old cricket bats.

One day at HKIED we saw a fair which included musical instruments like tin drums...

Bottle drums...

Bongo drums...

And a small kit.

Cool electronic navigator at the MTR

At my Gappers cricket lesson

And now announcing Gapper of the month...

Keegan Harvey!

Playing dress-upswith Cayden

Watching Garfield during a sleepover with Cayden

Mum and Dad brought me these souvenir presents from Japan.

The Harvey kids


  1. I love your photos Keegan, especially the different drum photos. I wonder if you managed to get any sleep with all those boys at the sleepover?

  2. Dear Keegan,
    These are great photos.I especially like the sporty ones.
    I found a book for you written by Justin Langer but I shall keep it until you are 9 years old!
    Not TOO long to wait,I reckon!
    love from Manou