Sunday, March 10, 2013

Recent photos from Tirzah

Photos from playgroup

Putting lipstick on Mr Turner

Talking on my phone

Dress up day at playgroup. I am a turtle.

Mum and Dad brought me these presents from Japan.

These are all photos from my school when we learned about fighting fires.

One day it was my turn to borrow Wally the Walrus from school. We went to the library...

and to Ikea for tea.

Another day I borrowed Ramona the Rabbit from school. We did Reading Eggs together on the computer.

Then I wrote about Ramona in the homework book.

Me with a funny clown.

This is my friend Daisy with me at church at Christmas time.

At our playgroup Christmas party

My painting of Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus

At a shopping centre

My friend Rachel came to play at my house one day.

I went to Jemilla and Keegan's Sports Day to cheer for them.

More photos from school

I helped Mum make some pink playdough.

Photos with Aunty Celine

I dressed as Franklin for Book Character Day.

I drew this picture of when I went ice-skating.

The Harvey kids


  1. What a great update Tirzah! I love your pictures of Christmas and when you went ice skating! You are growing up so fast!

  2. Dear Tirzah,
    I was very happy to see ALL those photos just now.The pink playdough looks super duper!
    I liked playing in that ball room also!
    Has Mrs Davis had her baby yet?
    Please send me one of your wonderful drawings!
    I love you.From Manou xxxx