Sunday, June 2, 2013

Double the joy

A major topic of discussion and prayer point in our home for the past several months has been the impending arrival of "The Davis Twins". The last photo I posted of Mrs Davis was at her baby shower looking very big indeed! Well, I am so pleased to share that Tirzah's teacher Veronica and her husband Ernie welcomed Emma Elizabeth and Lily Renee into their lives on May 27th.

I was so thrilled to hold dear little Lily at five days old as some of us went to the Davis' apartment after school on Friday. (We are all wearing identical t-shirts to promote the ICS summer school program.)

I know how deeply longed for and loved these two precious girls are.  Welcome to the world, Emma and Lily! 

Bring back memories, Amanda?


  1. Oh what excellent news.I thank and praise you God Almighty with all my being.Two beautiful girls.Amazing,wonderful,excellent.All greetings and love to the entire Davis family!

  2. Certainly does! My twin girls are now 11. So very hard to believe!