Thursday, June 6, 2013

Graduation party

On Saturday we joined all the other fifth grade parents and a select group of ICS staff in celebrating the graduation of our children from elementary school. It was such a fun event, as you'll see in the photos!
The venue was a very fancy wedding banquet hall in Kowloon Bay.

Here I am posing with some ICS teachers.

The Harvey family

Praise and worship time

Our table

Giving flowers to the teachers

Jemilla's "graduating" class

Doesn't Jem look pretty in her new dress?

Minute-to-win-it games: blow up a balloon and use it to blow the cups off the table

Use one hand to pull all the tissues out of a box within 60 seconds.

With vaseline on the end of your nose, transfer cotton balls from one container to another.

Everyone enjoyed the dance time at the end, especially Tirzah.

The photo booth was a big hit too.

For the past eight months I worked with this committee of mothers to plan for this graduation party, so it was extremely satisfying to see the fun that all the families experienced on the day.

In Australia we don't really make a big deal out of a child moving on from primary school. It was great to be able to make a fuss of our daughter here in Hong Kong. 

We love you and are proud of all your accomplishments, Jemilla!


  1. Dear Jemilla,
    What a fun time that was!I hope that you can still wear that dress next summer in NSW!I would like to see it!
    Dear Renee,
    Must have had an excellent committee!Great view over the water,too AND your outfit matched the balloons!!
    xxxxx to all M

  2. I want to be a primary graduate and ICS - how fun.. Good work on the party Renee.. And to Jemilla - congratulations..