Saturday, June 1, 2013

Crossroads simulation (by Jemilla)

One day I went to Crossroads with my class. Crossroads is an organisation that sends stuff people don't want to people that need it in other places in the world. Mr. DJ worked there ( he is behind me in the second photo), and he told us a lot about Crossroads, how it started, and what it did. We did the water simulation, which shows how little water there is in some places and how you need to use water carefully and not take it for granted.
Class photo (it was very hot so it was hard to get everyone's attention)

It's hard to imagine ladies can carry heavier buckets than these on their HEADS!

We had to use our water wisely. My entire pant leg got soaked at the 'well', but it was refreshing.

Happy and tired

At 'school'. Some students thought it was unhygienic to sit on a bucket, so they squatted instead.

I enjoyed the gift shop at Crossroads best because firstly, it was fair trade, and second, all the items were really cool. There was even a necklace made out of colorful telephone wire! I also enjoyed going on the bus there because all my friends were sitting near me and we were having a good time laughing and listening to music devices. It also rained a bit, and even though we ran, we got soaked. Only a few people brought an umbrella, so it was like three people under one umbrella. It was really fun and as Mrs. Hunter would say a visual way of learning something serious.

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