Friday, October 2, 2009

Mid-Autumn Carnival

Tonight in celebration of the mid-Autumn festival there was a fun carnival in our estate.

We saw some juggling...

and acrobatics, balancing acts, etc...

We liked hearing Chinese instrumental music.

Here's Keegan trying his hand at a game. The object was to roll a ping pong ball through a maze and have it land in the same place three times in a row.

There was a giant board with riddles in Chinese and English for residents to answer.

Jemilla guessed the right answer and won this paper lantern as a prize. Her riddle was, "Why don't African animals play games?" And the answer? "Because of all the cheetahs (cheaters)."

Everyone liked the booth with the fresh fuit and snacks!

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  1. Well done,Jemilla....I know how clever you are with riddles!