Saturday, May 21, 2011

An appeal

I'm hoping one of my readers can help me out with a favour...

Does your child have a favourite teddy bear or comfort toy? This is Tirzah's special doll Alinta whom she has had since birth.

We brought a spare Alinta to Hong Kong and unfortunately she was left on the MTR one day and hasn't been seen since. So now we have one doll who is still carried just about everywhere. I would like to find another Alinta to have as a spare in case an accident should occur and during Alinta's baths in the washing machine.

Please could you look out for an identical doll in the shops near you?


Originally she was bought in a card and stationery shop like Kenny's Cardiology in Australia. She is a soft velour doll made by Russ Berrie and the name on her tag is "Melanie". If you see one, please let me know so I can purchase it and have some peace of mind. Thank you!


  1. I would have said that if anyone can find one, Lauren could, but I'm not sure now that she's in NZ. I will keep a look out, but I never seem to find these things! Maybe it can be a Perth challenge :)

  2. There was a Melanie smiling up at me in Morley Good Sammies yesterday.$2.She's now at No24.

  3. I won't believe it until I see it, Mum!

  4. Not long to wait then,wonderful!

  5. P.S.It is definitely soup time in Perth!