Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Spencer visit

It was unfortunate that the same week I was in Perth for Alec's funeral, we had some friends visit from Sydney. I only spent a few hours with Glen Spencer and his son Benjamin, but I hope Craig was a good host, and I hope they enjoyed what they saw of Hong Kong.

Glen is a respected song writer and pastor at Bayside Community Church where he also oversees the music team.We have known him and his wife Jenny since our university days in Bathurst, NSW. Jenny sent a huge parcel of goodies with the guys, including a much-welcome jar of Vegemite, lollies, chocolates, and decorations for Australia Day. Thank you so much, Jen, especially for the ornaments for Tirzah; I love them!

As I was away during the Spencer's visit, I can't tell you all the touristy things they did while they were here. However, from all reports Keegan loved having a big brother for a week. And Craig said that he had some great deep-and-meaningful conversations with Glen who has always been a source of wise advice for us about parenting and spiritual issues.

Thanks for stopping over in Hong Kong, guys, and enjoy the rest of your trip!

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