Friday, March 9, 2012

My climb (by Craig)

Thanks to a friend's bush-walking passion, I recently had the opportunity to trek the mountain range that we view every day from our apartment in Forest Hill. Nathan rates this trek in his top ten for Hong Kong hikes, so I thought I would give it a go.

The trip started with a bus ride from Fanling station. We planned to meet our families at the end of the route for dinner at Tei Mei Tuk in five hours or so.

When Nathan shared that this was just the first hill I was wondering what I'd got myself in for.

These community mail boxes reminded me a bit of Duntroon, a small community where my mother grew up on a farm in the south island of New Zealand.

It started with a gentle incline...


Despite the hazy conditions, the view from the top was still phenomenal.It was very cool to look left and see Chinese cities over the border, then look right and recognise so many landmarks in and around Tai Po.

It was very cool to see our apartment block (circled in red) from the top of the mountain range.

We ate a late lunch at the top of the highest peak.

Then for the trek down....

Thanks so much, Nathan, for sharing the journey with me. Anyone who comes to Hong Kong and misses it has not seen one of the more beautiful sides of Hong Kong. Maybe Aaron and I will have the chance to do the hike together before too long...


  1. Good on you Craig! What a great view.
    Bet your legs are sore now though :)

  2. I'll make a date to do that climb anytime,Craig!

  3. I'll want to get my climbing legs on. I wouldn't want to miss that.

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