Thursday, March 29, 2012

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I am in Bangkok for a conference with the East Asian Regional Council of Schools.
I'm "roughing it" at the Shangri-La Hotel. Here are some pics of my room, which I am sharing with another ICS teacher.

View from our window...

Perhaps you can appreciate the irony that here I am surrounded by genuine Thai cuisine, yet for tea I venture out and


  1. Enjoy, it looks like a lovely hotel, and a great view!

  2. Oh wow!! SO exciting to be in Thailand, although I guess you won't be seeing many of the real people/places there! I understand the whole food thing - especially knowing what you are like with food (keep it simple = keep you happy). Hope you love your glimpse of Thailand. We can't wait to get our glimpse of Hong Kong in a couple of months! Yippee!!

  3. Woo hoo!I am glad for you Renee!I remember Bankok being SO civilized and wonderful and clean after my earlier stay in Calcutta!

  4. That's very cool. Do you get any extra time to explore the city?