Saturday, March 17, 2012


Last weekend the ICS campus was transformed into "Europe of old", with special Renaissance festivities. The special gala event was designed partly as a fundraiser and partly to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the school’s founding. We attended Nobility Night on Saturday, thanks to the kind generosity of some Hong Kong friends who bought tickets for our whole family. I was glad for the chance to wear my green dress again.

Upon arrival, Jemilla quickly left for her choir rehearsal while the rest of us participated in a lively street fair, decorating masks and watching magicians at work.

Then we entered the "regally appointed castle banquet hall" where tables were set for our feasting pleasure. Over 500 ICS students prepared a fantastic evening of feasting, fanfare, singing, music and breathtaking acts of gymnastics to share with us, providing entertainment and serving dinner to the 900 or so guests. Dressed in grand costumes as Lords and Ladies of the Royal Court, they entertained us with song and dance. Madrigal singers, travelling troupes of musicians, monks, gymnasts, cooks and peasant children (Jemilla's choir) performed throughout the evening with live and silent auctions adding to the fun.

By God's grace, the Renaissance Banquet 2012 was a tremendous success. Money raised at the two Renaissance Banquets will be used to retire the outstanding bank loan remaining from the building of the new Shek Mun campus. From the ICS website this week: "we have raised $2.85 million from the event...We thank all of you for your contributions and most of all, your heart for ICS."

We were thrilled to be able to attend Renaissance 2012, but I need to tell you that it did not end well for the Harvey family. After consuming at least six glasses of orange juice ("The lady kept bringing me more, Mummy!"), Tirzah vomitted all over the Renaissance decorations TWICE and I had to take her upstairs to my classroom to sleep off her excessive drinking problem. She actually ran a fever that night and has been unwell all week.

Vomitting aside, our favourite thing about Renaissance was the fact that a photo of every member of the teaching faculty was photoshopped onto famous portraits. These paintings lined the wall of the banquet hall and provided a great source of amusement to all the guests.

Do you recognise this fair Renaissance maiden?

Keegan also managed to filch this Renaissance knight whom he carefully transported all the way home to Tai Po and who now resides in Keegan's bedroom. (It gives me a fright every time I enter the room, thinking someone is standing there!)

I guess one could surmise that this retired knight has finally given up smoting for good. 


  1. That's a very swish fundraiser! You look great!
    And to think we were happy with Pennyfair. My calculations is that you raised A$350k. Not a bad effort. Does this mean you don't have your kids coming home with boxes of chocolates to flog off?

  2. How amazing! I can't believe how much work went into that night! Those photo-shopped paintings were fantastic!That alone would take ages. And so much money raised. Wow!

  3. Now that is quite the keepsake Keegan!

    Do you get to keep your photoshopped portrait?
    Never mind the Harbor view photo- I think I want the fair maiden Renee as my keepsake painting to take back to the states- :-)

  4. Now this is something that you would really not get a chance to experience in Australia.