Monday, March 26, 2012

Sweeney Swan Song (try saying THAT ten times fast!)

It's a fact that expats often come and go, but that knowledge hasn't make it any easier to say good-bye to our dear friends the Sweeneys who are returning to Michigan this week. Nathan, Sarah, Jane and Elliot arrived in Hong Kong around the same time we did. They have been far braver than us, however, in exploring places off the beaten tracks. Loyal readers will remember that the Sweeneys introduced us to attractions like Play Scope, Kowloon Park, and shopping in Shenzhen. We enjoyed sleepovers, ice skating, birthday parties and ladies coffee nights together. Craig and Nathan did some bush walking recently and the girls travelled to Macau for Disney on Ice. So we have plenty of wonderful memories of times with the Sweeney family in Hong Kong.

Last Friday we joined the Annis family at the Sweeney's home for DIY ice cream sundaes.

"Oops! We blinked!"

With Sarah Sweeney and Jodie Annis

Tonight we met the Sweeneys at Sha Tin for a final play in the playground...

a last burger together at Triple Os...

and some frozen yoghurt to conclude.

We love you, Sweeneys! Hope to see you again sometime somewhere!


  1. Thinking of you Renee, it's hard to farewell good friends! :(

  2. Oh, sad for you Renee. Very hard saying goodbye. I think a move to the East Coast, preferably near the Hunter needs to be on the cards... Missing you!

  3. As the plane was taking off and the tears came down, I reflected on the last image I had of your family. It was you all walking toward the exit on the Tai Po Market station platform, all those gingers :-)
    We will miss our "Awesome Aussie Cricket" friends, look forward to the day we meet up again.

    1. I went to buy you some durian chips in Bangkok, then I remembered I wouldn't see you in Hong Kong any more. So this is me feeling sad.