Saturday, December 1, 2012

Bumble Tots Birthday

One of Tirzah's classmates celebrated her fifth birthday today by inviting her friends to a local indoor play centre. Unlike the last party we attended at Jumpin' Gym, Bumble Tots closely resembles some of the indoor play centres we used to visit in Perth. Tirzah had a wonderful time, and did not really want to cease playing even for party food. Jemilla came along too and proved that ten years old is definitely not too old to play in the ball pit.


This was a new way of doing a pinata. When given the command, every child pulled a string which opened the back of the Dora figure and released all the lollies inside. (I expect my friend Amy would prefer this way of doing it, as she is quite phobic of pinatas and the injuries that invariably ensue from giving young children a long stick and permission to use all their might.)

Happy birthday, Hannah! Thank you for inviting us to your fun party!


  1. You wouldn't be talking about me would you????

    1. Hmmmmmmm...perhaps...Do you run for the hills whenever a pinata comes out?

  2. Tirzah's last birthday (for a while) when everyone is in warm clothes!

  3. Jemilla is looking so grown up! You sure know how to have fun in Hong Kong!