Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Last week I organised a Christmas scavenger hunt for ICS staff at a local Hong Kong shopping centre. 


The teams were required to search out and take photos of the following items all within one hour:

1. A member of the team drinking a hot chocolate
2. A Nativity scene in any form
3. A pet wearing a Christmas bow
4. A snowman 
5. A star Christmas ornament 
6. A stranger wearing a Christmas hat 
7. A wreath 
8. A Christmas card in Chinese 
9. A member of the team trying on a green shirt and red pants in any clothing store
10. Christmas stocking
11. Fake snow
12. Five golden rings 
13. Someone on the team licking a candy cane
14. A gingerbread man
15. A nutcracker                                                 
16. Poinsettia flower 
17. Silver tinsel
18. Someone on the team wearing a fake Santa beard
19. The book 'Twas the Night Before Christmas 
20. A Christmas cake 
21. The whole team singing a Christmas carol to a stranger 
22. “Merry Christmas” sign in Chinese 
23. A reindeer
24. An elf
25. Someone from the team sitting on Santa’s lap
Teams received bonus points for finishing first with all tasks completed and for creativity.You can see their photos and the winning team in the video below.

I thought that the last task would be the hardest for teams to find and photograph, but actually the nativity proved the most elusive.

Does your shopping mall have decorations that represent the real meaning of Christmas?


  1. My clever and creative daughter.... and what fun!

  2. That sounded like heaps of fun!