Thursday, December 6, 2012

When Christmas comes to town

Is your household getting into the Christmas mood? Somehow, the act of assembling and decorating the Christmas tree sends new excitement through the veins of our children.

It was Keegan's turn to put the star on top of the last Christmas tree we will have in Hong Kong.

The children arranged their individual ornaments in order of when they received them. (They do not have their 2012 ones yet.)



and Joy ornaments...

The girls and I enjoyed looking at Christmas decorations in Mong Kok after church last week.

We participated in "The Hanging of the Greens" at church. You can read about this ceremony and the significance of each decorative symbol on my post from last year.

May we always remember the Reason for the season. 


  1. We finally got around to our decorating last night...lots of Christmas music as well, especially Todd Agnew's "Do you hear what I hear?" album.
    It's a wonderful tradition you have with the ornaments, although it looks like Jemilla & Keegan disagreed with each other about the order of them!
    Craig L.

  2. Pack them all carefully when you come to NSW!