Thursday, December 20, 2012

New ornaments

The children receive a new ornament every year, and these are the ones for 2012.

Jemilla's heart and Keegan's star were purchased when I attended a conference in Thailand.

Look at Tirzah's cute Joy ornament for 2012! It arrived in a wonderful parcel full of goodies from Michigan. (Thank you, Sweeneys!)

You can see the children's sets of ornaments on this previous post.


  1. so glad it arrived before Christmas and in one piece.
    Merry Christmas Harveys!

    1. Amy Turner was quite jealous of our "windmill" cookies.

      And I have to confess that I plan to eat the whole Reeses Trees pack myself.

  2. Yes,I love the Michigan "JOY". Should be able to see it for myself this year!