Saturday, April 13, 2013

Baby Shower

Tirzah's kindergarten teacher is expecting twin girls next month. Today we attended a baby shower to celebrate their imminent arrival and farewell Mrs Davis. The baby shower was held at the estate clubhouse where Mr and Mrs Davis live in Heng On.

Doesn't Veronica look beautiful?

Lots of presents to spoil the Davis twins!

This was a game where each child tried to guess what the baby item was inside their wrapped package.

We weren't really sure why the children were blindfolded for this game. (I think maybe it was supposed to be the adults!) Anyway, Tirzah got to feed Mr Davis some baby food, and he had to try to name the ingredients.

This is what she fed him...

And this is the face he made while tasting it!

Jemilla took a turn feeding Craig some baby food too.

It's like a roast dinner in a jar...

But obviously didn't taste like it!

Mrs Davis received a gorgeous caricature of her R2D class.

Can you spy Tirzah in the bunch?

Group photo with all the kindergarten children at the baby shower

And here's Tirzah with her dear teacher. We love you, Mrs, Davis, and we pray every day for your babies to be healthy. We can't wait to meet the girls!


  1. Twins! I had NO idea.Was this your influence,Amanda?
    Please say hello,hello,hello,to Mrs Davis for me!
    PS,Is baby food in jars THAT bad?

  2. I love the caricature! Mrs Davis looks wonderful considering the twins imminent arrival.