Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring break

We have had a week of holidays from school after Easter. The weather has been cold, wet and dreary the whole time, but the children have kept busy playing on the computer and with each other.

Tirzah and I made some no-bake biscuits.

And Jemilla baked a batch of enormous and delicious Anzac biscuits.

As a family we saw the 3D movie "The Croods" and loved it. This was only the second movie Tirzah has ever seen at a cinema.

One afternoon we travelled to the Hong Kong Heritage Museum to see a special exhibition called "Fabergé: Legacy of Imperial Russia". (Sweeneys, you would have loved this!)

There were over 200 exhibits in total on loan from Russia, with the highlight of course being the FabergĂ© Easter eggs on display. 

Visitors were not allowed to take photos inside the exhibition, so these photos are borrowed from other sources.

Besides the amazing eggs, we saw many other rare and exceptional artworks, silverwares, and jeweller adornments in a variety of precious metals and stones.

Before leaving the museum, the kids played a game of giant ludo in the Children's Discovery Gallery.

This is how I spent most of my Spring Break...packing boxes. We are returning to Australia in July and will ship most of our books, toys, and clothes.

When the shipping boxes were delivered, a huge roll of butchers paper accompanied them, so the chidlren have enjoyed drawing themselves on the sheets of paper.

Do you like their artwork?


  1. As soon as I saw the sign for the museum I thought that looks interesting, then you mentioned us, ha ha. I bet we would love it.

    Thats a lot of boxes. I remember your early post about not wanting to leave books behind so you brought them all..

  2. May,June July....not too long!

  3. Love the art work - wow Jemilla is growing tall!