Saturday, April 20, 2013

"I carried the watermelon"

Last night I went out with some teachers from school to see a live theatre performance of "Dirty Dancing". Some of us even dressed up in 1960's attire inspired by the movie. Before the show we dined at an Italian restaurant.

We celebrated two April birthdays: Amy's...

and Cath's.

Just between you and me and the rest of the world wide web, the performers' faux American accents were terrible and the acting was frankly unbelievable. However, I was with a fun-loving group of women, and we definitely had "the time of our lives". I especially loved the beautiful stage sets and jaw-dropping dance moves.

After the show we posed together on the harbour at Tsim Sha Tsui.

Tirzah was rather confused about why I would want to see a show featuring ballet performers getting all muddy on the stage. I think I'll leave that "Dirty Dancing" explanation for a later time!

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  1. What a fantastic fun evening,Renee.I can just hear all your comments plus the giggling etc.
    Loved that final photo at TST!