Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Creative Keegan

When I think about Keegan's skills, I usually focus on his sporting ability. However, lately he has been showing a strong artistic side as well. We are so proud of our son!

Here he is holding a self-portrait in watercolours that he is currently working on during art class at school.

In computer class Keegan was shown how to create comic strips using software called ToonDoo. He made a series of twelve funny little comics for a Roman project he handed in last week.


Also for his Roman project, Keegan created this Roman helmet out of cardboard, sticky tape, aluminium foil and a broom.

The children have been imagining what our future house might look like in Australia. Keegan drew this picture of his dream bedroom, complete with drum kit and cricket ball rug.

The kids have also made Pinterest boards with items on their wish lists for decorating their dream bedrooms. You can see Keegan's Pinterest board here, but I might as well tell you it all centres on one particular theme. No prizes for guessing the subject!


  1. I love the comic strip Keegan!! And I think you should definitely go with the sports stadium scene wallpaper!! Very cool! Leonie. xx.

  2. Dear Keegan,
    Already I am looking forward to seeing your new bedroom!I also think that you could frame a few of your art works!Liked that project about the Romans,too.xxxfrom Manou

  3. Very funny Keegan, you are a person of many talents. Don't forget us when you are famous :-)