Monday, April 22, 2013

Bogus Birthdays

My friends Amy and Rachel and I have a fabulous tradition whereby we buy each other birthday presents from an op shop / thrift store. 

The uglier the better.

The items must be worn in public, preferably at work, for at least an hour.

Here are some of the examples of these oh-so-attractive items.

That one's not so bad! you say? Well, if you knew Amy you can appreciate the horror she felt at having to wear this BEADED (shudder) top with mesh sleeves.

Here's Rachel modelling her stunning gold plastic necklace.

This was one of my lovely gifts. There is nothing redeeming in this garment. Nothing.

And yet another attractive present for me last year: a short-sleeved sweater with shoulder pads featuring a flag from some sort of country other than Australia.

However, today I got Amy back with this charming silk grandmother-of-the-bride number. Five sizes too big as well! What do you think?


  1. This awesome, I am going to try to find some brave friends who want to start this tradition with me. All the wonderful options in Asia with those Chinglish shirts too!

  2. Oh! This is soooo funny! What a great tradition! Are you sorry to be leaving that behind, or will you continue the tradition and post the charming outfits?

  3. I have a message for Amy:you are aging so gracefully,my dear lady!