Friday, May 31, 2013

Harvey holiday plans

A few people have asked us about our summer (meaning July) plans. They are as follows:

We depart Hong Kong on July 2. (Eek! Only one more month to get everything done!)

July 2-13 we will be in Michigan.

July 13-18 we will be in Greensboro, North Carolina.

July 18–22 we will be in Colorado Springs where Craig will attend an ACSI Conference.

July 25-29 is my 20-year class reunion in Silverthorne, west of Denver.

July 29-31 we will stay at Legoland Hotel in California

We fly out of Los Angeles and arrive at Sydney Airport on August 2.

Above is Craig's photo from the Resolve website, for whom he will be working from August onwards based on the Central Coast of New South Wales. 

It was great for Craig to spend a few days this month with Paul Campey, a Resolve partner, seen here on the right.

Paul kindly answered numerous questions from our children about life on the Central Coast. They are pleased that they now know at least one person in the new place to which we are moving!

We have enrolled the children at Green Point Christian College. As yet, I do not have any work lined up. Please pray that we will find a house to rent or buy nearby the school.

If you have any advice or tips on what to do on our US holiday, I would love to read them!

In the meantime, we have three long lists of jobs still to do here in Hong Kong in order to finish off our respective jobs, pack up and ship our belongings to Australia, plan our trip to the States, close off our accounts, and everything else that goes with moving from place-to-place.

Stay tuned for one more month of our Hong Kong adventures!


  1. The Harvey holidays will not be boring!
    Enjoy your last four weeks in HK...we will have to make a trip to the east coast of Au for our next catch up :-)

  2. In addition to showing you around Grand Rapids, I will have to add to my list of duties, creative ways to keep the Harveys awake..
    Anticipating your arrival..

  3. I am wondering whether Jemilla will have a birthday day at all!If you fly out from CA July 31st and arrive in Sydney August 2nd what can be done?What do you suggest,Jemilla?