Monday, February 21, 2011

Barbie things that make you go "Hmmmmmm..."

Jemilla has a HUGE collection of Barbie dolls, furniture and accessories. Most of them have come from the op shops at a fraction of their original cost. 

This post will feature three of the more interesting items she owns. 

I'll let Jemilla introduce the first doll to you in this video.

In case you missed it from the video, here is the doll again.

1. Doll is fairly innocuous, despite the unattractive frock.

2. Dress is removed, doll sports a surprisingly large belly instead of the typical tiny Barbie waist.

3. Belly is removed. Aha! We find the source of the big tummy is a fully formed baby.

4. Baby is removed and hey presto! Flat belly pops up again!

So do you find it cool or creepy? Do you think it misinforms children of the childbirth process? Where are Barbie's stretchmarks and bloated ankles, not to mention the umbilical cord and placenta? And, mothers, don't you wish your tummy returned to it's original flat state this easily?

Jemilla and Tirzah both adore this new addition to the doll house, despite the fact that she is not a real Barbie. Today I found the expectant mother  reclining on a couch with her feet elevated and a cool cloth on her forehead. Lucky doll!

Remember my post last year about the many capsule toys for sale in Hong Kong? Look at this cute addition to Jemilla's Barbie doll house. It came from a capsule toy dispenser and it is a capsule toy dispenser. And what does it dispense with one turn of the tiny handle?

More capsule toys!

Here's the third unusual item I'd like to show you.

Barbie has a friendly dog named Tanner. He's soft and fuzzy and his mouth, ears, head and tail move. He comes with a box of brown Tic Tac-like dog biscuits. Basically, Tanner eats, he poos, and then he eats his own poo again. Hygienic? Not at all. Fun? Absolutely! Here's a demonstration by Jemilla if you don't believe me.


  1. Hi Renee,
    This post made me laugh. I think the Barbie is my favorite! :) I am so glad I came across your blog. Your family is so cute! I am having a lot of fun reading about your life in Hong Kong, as well as Lauren's adventures in NZ and I am looking forward to more.

    Jennifer (Schade) Thorn

  2. I am incredibly creeped out by the baby barbie but I'm loving the poop-eating dog! Brilliant!

  3. ...I had that dog...and a cat that peed