Saturday, February 5, 2011

Monkey business

After seeking advice from friends, this afternoon we took the #72 bus from Tai Po to the Kowloon Reservoir to see some monkeys. They live in large groups here in the wild. Carla, you'll be pleased to hear we didn't pat the monkeys, as we were told they could become quite aggressive.  We deliberately didn't bring any plastic bags or food with us. The photos and videos below do not do justice to the sheer numbers of monkeys in this one area, but at least you can see how close we were to them. We had a great time, and the kids were disappointed when it was time to leave. Jemilla asked, "Are the people here to watch the monkeys or are the monkeys here to watch the people?"



  1. Thanks for leaving out the embarassing video footage of an Australian man seen fleeing from a monkey who did not want a baby monkey to be filmed (even from a distance!).

  2. You saw monkeys! I wanted to see monkeys in HK. Fantastic!

  3. Glad to see they weren't hiding the day you went. I would like to see embarassing footage :-)