Friday, February 18, 2011

On the chocolate trail

Recently the girls and I explored a shopping centre exhibition based on the mouth-watering theme of chocolate. "Embark on a chocolate journey," the advertisements read, "where the power of sweet inspiration transcends space and time." Well, we didn't  have time to see the heritage buildings (i.e. the Great Chocolate Wall of China) but we did enjoy the unusual chocolate art and fashion on display. (Yes, I did say fashion. Scroll down the page to see some amazing clothing made from chocolate.)

 This chocolate dress was designed by Jean-Paul Hevin from France.

Erika Mizuno from Japan created "The Chocolate Bunny Dress".

And here is a similar outfit in white chocolate.

This chock frock (I coined that you like it?) is called "Crystallization" by Iris van Herpen from the Netherlands.

Chocolate blouse and jewellery

Some chocolate boots perhaps?

So do you think these dresses and accessories melt in your mouth or your hand? 

The Chocolate Trail is open until the 20th of February at Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui. And before you ask, Colleen, regrettably there are NO free samples.


  1. Was the chocolate wrapped? How were you able to sit on it and touch it all?

  2. The statues were not real chocolate, Lauren, just inspired by chocolate. The clothing was the real deal and behind glass.