Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lion dance 2011

In celebration of Chinese New Year (and my best friend Amanda's birthday) there was a lion dance at Forest Hill this morning.

The children were happy to receive more red packets with chocolate coins inside.

We missed the lions dancing on the poles (see last year's pictures), but we followed the main lion as it went from house to house "evoking good luck" in the upcoming year for the occupants of each residence.

The loud music of the drum and cymbals is used to scare away “evil spirits".

At this apartment a few leaves of lettuce with a red envelope was hung up high in the doorway. The lion dancers used their skills to retrieve the items.  The head dancer removed the red packet, then he tossed the lettuce leaves to the crowd. Apparently the act of eating and spitting out of the lettuce symbolises the distribution of wealth and prosperity to everyone present. 

This video was taken in our building.

After finishing at Forest Hill, the lion dancers moved in procession to our neighbouring estate.

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