Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tangled (Warning: spoilers ahead)

As Jemilla has been doing very well on her multiplication tables at school, I took her to see "Tangled" at the cinema in Kowloon Tong. The last movie we saw together was the dreadful "Princess and the Frog". "Tangled" was sooooooooo much better, with likeable characters, hilarious dialogue, and a great blend of animated action and romance. My favourite scenes were as follows in no particular order: "Mother knows best" and "I've got a dream" songs, the boat scene with the lanterns, the smolder, any bit with Maximus, Rapunzel's mood swings, and the expressions on the little girls at the fountain when they were offered 50 feet of golden hair to braid.

Granted this is based on a fairy tale, but I still have a few burning questions that someone may be able to answer for me...
  • Who were the bear and fortune-telling monkey in the credits?
  • How could Rapunzel go barefoot for the whole movie, yet never get cuts on her feet?
  • Don't you think it was odd how in the end Rapunzel's parents readily accepted a known thief into the family fold?
  • If she's been in the tower her whole life, where did the freckles come from? And why isn't she pale and weak from a Vitamin D deficiency?
  • Who cleans up those lanterns every year?
  • Is this the only Disney princess movie where the heroine's parents are both still alive and actually love their daughter?
  • Rapunzel's hair is always shiny and ironically tangle-free: what brand of shampoo does she use? (Jemilla could definitely use some! And her conditioner too, come to think of it!)
  • How was Gothel spending her time all day outside the tower?
  • How does Rapunzel know how to swim if she's been locked in the tower her whole life?
  • Did that chameleon actually commit premeditated murder? (Yikes!)
  • Why are some scenes from the preview not actually in the movie? (For instance, Rapunzel's hair knocking Eugene around in the tower.)
  • Did this movie have an all white cast?
  • Do you think the movie's moral could be "The pan is mightier than the sword" (Hardee har har)
  • Don't you think that Rapunzel looks better as a brunette? (Carla, you should definitely do this hairdo again!)

I've heard a few people state that "Tangled" has usurped "The Little Mermaid" or "Aladdin" as their new favourite Disney movie. I wouldn't go that far, mostly because the songs weren't as good as the aforementioned movies in my opinion. However, I would definitely watch it again. And when I asked Jemilla which was her favourite part of 'Tangled" she replied, "The whole movie!"


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it Jemilla.
    And well done on your times-tables!

    PS Daddy enjoyed the day at home with Keegan and Tirzah watching Australia beat England (again!) in the ODI's - and what a massive run chase that was.
    Well done Clarkey!

  2. Hahaha! You're very observant, Renee! I particularly enjoyed that there were no witches, monsters or sorcery!

  3. I went and saw the movie after you recommended it to me. If I hadn't read your blog I probably wouldn't have even notice those things. But they are true.

  4. In Sleeping Beauty also both parents (King and Queen) are still alive, and have been waiting their daughter to return because they've always loved her.
    And the tower had windows in order to provide Vitamin D I guess LOL
    I too loved this movie. To the best songs list I would add "I see the light" i liked it very much.
    Definitely goes to the "new classics" collection for our grand children to know the tale in the future.