Thursday, February 10, 2011

Keegan's creative side

I don't think about Keegan's creativity very often because his sporting abilities tend to dominate his personality.  However, lately I've seen a different side to him...

This is a shoe shop he made with Jemilla's doll house furniture and shoes. Keegan sorted and found numerous pairs of Barbie shoes with which to stock the shop shelves. On the left is the "bargain bin" with odd shoes. Because they are missing their pairs they are half price, Keegan says. "Soccer Brother" works in the shop.

I came home from work one afternoon to find that Keegan had made his own laptop computer from two pieces of cardboard. He has it set up here on his desk "downloading" some photos from Tirzah's toy mobile phone.

And here is Keegan's latest Lego creation. Can anyone guess what it is?


  1. "Aussie Aussie Aussie"

    Even without Mike. :-(

    Go Aussies!


  2. The ashes trophy?

  3. Great Blog, Renee. 25,000+ pageviews, I'm impressed!

  4. Thanks, Jack...maybe it's just me clicking refresh all the time. LOL

  5. Keegan's Lego creation is the 2011 ODI trophy, by the way. You can see what it looks like here:,r:7,s:0

  6. I really liked seeing these things... how other children play is fascinating and inspiring. More, please. More!

  7. The bargain bin is great!
    You know he gets that from shopping with his mom :-)