Thursday, December 22, 2011

December update from Keegan

I really like this huge Christmas Toy Story display outside a shopping centre at Tsim Sha Tsui.

This week my friend Hannah from school came to my house for a play.

Here we are playing Bibleman/spies with Hannah's sister, Allison.

Hannah makes me laugh. She is so funny!

Thanks for coming to play with me, Hannah!

I drew this picture called "A Hong Kong Christmas" and the music teacher at school used it for a concert poster.

This is my report on dung beetles. Mum thinks it's funny that out of all the insects in the world, dung beetles are my favourite.

This is my class Christmas party. My teacher was explaining about the present exchange.

One day we were in Kowloon and I saw some kids playing cricket, so I asked them if I could play too, and they said yes.

These photos are from a bushwalk I did with Dad.

Manou sent me a cricket catalogue which I like to look through and imagine owning all the gear.

Note from Renee: Some observant readers have noticed that Keegan's hair is badly in need of a cut. He asked to grow it long, so Craig and I are allowing it while Keegan attends at a school that does not have a strict policy on boys' hair. All Keegan told me was that he wants his hair to look like a certain rugby player's, and I thought, "That's nice." Recently I asked Keegan which rugby player in particular he wanted to copy his hairstyle on, and I looked up Samo on the internet. Here he is!

Now, any ideas on how I can break the news to Keegan that an afro might be difficult for him to achieve?

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  1. Keegan,I have just seen the perfect Samo WIG and that would mean I could still see your spikes when you are playing cricket in the summer.
    Anyhow the wig is at King Kong's. Surely there is a place like King Kong in Hong Kong?
    Love from Manou.PXXXXXXXXXXX
    PS Did you see a great Aussie catch in the test match yesterday?