Friday, December 23, 2011

December update from Tirzah

Last week I did a Christmas play at school, and Mum came and watched it. I was an angel.

We had ate party food and played games after the play.

My teacher, Mrs Davis

I like going to Paisano's for tea. The pizzas are so big!

Here are some more photos from my school. We were learning about trains and transport.

One day I did some modelling for a toy company. I got to ride in some toy cars. It was fun!

I like to help Aunty Celine with jobs around the house.

This was an outing I did with my playgroup.

Here I am playing Barbies with a girl called Allison.

I am so excited about Christmas coming soon. One night Mum and Dad let us sleep in the lounge room by the Christmas tree.

Every time we come home to Forest Hill, I like to hold the guard's hand to walk down the stairs.

This is a song I learned at school from Deuteronomy 31:6.


  1. That's a special relationship that Tirzah has with the Forest Hill guard. Precious!

  2. Dear Tirzah,
    I like seeing you wearing red and green for Christmas!
    I love you!
    From Manou XXXXXXXXX