Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Personal day

Last week I took a personal day off work. I spent the morning at Tirzah's playgroup, catching up with the other mothers at the semi-annual toy exchange. We set up all the toys in one room, then waited for our turn to look through the donations.

The toy swap is a great opportunity for me to get rid of a lot of Tirzah's baby things and junky plastic toys.

I didn't bring many toys home, but I did grab a big pile of books. They were mostly A-Z Mysteries.

The children happily played while the mums exchanged toys.

After the toy swap, I took Tirzah to school and stayed to participate in her birthday party celebrations. She was practically wriggling with excitement to have her mother in the classroom.

Besides Tirzah, there were two other December birthdays, Joanna and Duncan. The children are posing with their teacher, Mrs Davis.

I made Angelina Ballerina cupcakes for Tirzah to share with her classmates.

Tirzah and Mrs Davis

Most of Tirzah's classmates had never eaten a cupcake before and needed to be shown how to take the paper off. Some of them asked for spoons even! I'm glad we could provide a yummy cultural experience!

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  1. Your hair is getting so long Renee!

    Who are the A-Z Mystery books for? We don't have any of those.

    Tirzah looked so happy to be able to have you in her classroom! What a lovely day!