Monday, April 12, 2010


Yesterday we went to church and lunch with our friends the Sweeney family. Afterwards, we revisited Kowloon Park where they showed us around the bird lake and aviary.



The flamingo lake was spectacular, although Tirzah kept calling them "ducks".

Any of my more intelligent readers know why flamingos are pink? (Without googling the answer, mind you!)

This was a truly interesting-looking bird.

There was even a somewhat tame Australian galah.

We moved on to the playground where Trizah enjoyed playing with bubbles.

Some Hong Kong students taught the kids how to make balloon animals and certain...errr...origami "creations".

Keegan, Elliot, Jemilla and Jane

The Sweeney family, balloon animals and all.


  1. Flamingos are pink because of what they eat... is it the algae or something?

    (I'm just trying to remember... I didn't google it.)

  2. Flamingos are pink because of their diet of crustaceans and yes I didn't google it either. flamingos are Elora's favourite bird/animal.

  3. well if I said the answer about flamingos I would just look like I was copying anyone else. I thought that their diet was mainly shrimp, though.

  4. I woke up think about this... they eat pink shrimp, and that makes them pink, right?

  5. hahahaha at the black balloon!!!