Saturday, April 28, 2012

ICS Art Show

I took Jemilla and Keegan to the ICS Advance Placement Art Show yesterday afternoon to let them see for themselves the wonderful talents God has given these high schoolers. Here are some of our favourite photographs, paintings, drawings, and graphic designs that were on display.

 They said, "Her bracelets!" by Alicia Cheung

Vanity Fair by Eunice Chu

Boredom of Sunbathing by Cher Chow

Peter Pan and the Lost Boys by Anna Li

Koi Dance by James Li

Pug by Gloria Yoon

Solitude by Janice Leung

Shanghai Cityscape by Jenelle Law

Welcome Home by Janice Leung

Float by Janice Leung

Geometric Peacock by Jenelle Law

Are you Aussie Enough for This? by Jenelle Law

Linsanity by Shannon Cheung

City of Domes by Anna Li

Ruins of St Paul by Stephen Lawrensen


  1. These are amazing! Such talent!

  2. Yes,I agree.Those paintings are exceptional.What is the secret,Renee?An excellent teacher,perhaps?My favourite is Janice Leung's"Welcome Home".

    1. Somehow I knew you would like that one best, Manou!

  3. Absolutely amazing artworks! I am so impressed! I love so many of them...

  4. PS. So pleased to have finally caught up on your blog. Things have been a little hectic since moving, but we're finding our rhythm now I think! Looking forward to my family visiting for the weekend tomorrow. Looking forward even to more to visiting you soon!!
    XXX Amanda