Sunday, April 1, 2012

Some last photos from Bangkok

I bought a few snacks from this supermarket near the hotel. The aisles seemed so spacious!

Customers prayed to this idol as they entered the shop to buy groceries.

Who is this lady dressed all in pink? And where is she going?

Green grass! Definitely worth a photo!

I was amazed by the masses of wires on every street.

Jemilla would love these Barbie-pink taxis!

And speaking of Barbie...

More photos from the Shangi-La Hotel, Bangkok.

It was strange to use a token instead of an Octopus card for the train.

The carriages were so empty compared to Hong Kong!

I did a quick walk through this shopping centre on my way to the airport.

Then it was time to catch my flight from Suvarnabhumi International Airport back to Hong Kong. Good-bye, Bangkok!


  1. Krispy Kremes in Bangkok!Maybe business is better there than in Sydney.

  2. I like the monk icon. Very cool.

  3. What a lot of restrictions on that sign! Did you break the rules by taking a photo when it said 'no photos'? lol
    How long were you in Thailand for?