Saturday, April 21, 2012

A night in Neverland

Tonight we attended a play as a family, "Peter Pan" performed by the ICS High School Drama class. As always, the students impressed us with their acting, costumes, backdrops, etc. This time there was even flying involved! I think Craig had hoped for more singing and dancing, but the rest of us enjoyed every minute...especially Tirzah. She cowered from Captain Hook, sighed dreamily over pretty Wendy, clapped frantically for Tinkerbell to get well, and asked at every interval whether there was more to come. Having watched a chaotic dress reheasal with my students on Wednesday, I was enormously impressed with today's professional performance.

The Darling children get ready for bed 

Peter Pan chats with Wendy after she sews on his shadow

Michael, John and Wendy learn to fly with Peter Pan

Flying through the clouds

The Lost Boys

Making a little house for Wendy

Tiger Lily and the Indian braves

The pirates put Tiger Lily on the rock

Captain Hook with the pirates

The braves guard the Lost Boys' home under the ground

Preparing to leave Neverland

The pirates capture the boys and Wendy

Captain Hook falls into the sea and is eaten by the crocodile

Back at the Darling house

Final bow by the cast

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