Sunday, April 1, 2012


Those of you who scorned my choice of pizza for dinner upon arrival in Bangkok will be pleased to know that I did actually eat Thai food upon occasion during this conference. Two ICS colleagues and I found this little restaurant a few blocks from our hotel.

Sarah, Stephanie, and I at Tongue Thai

I love names of Thai restaurants that are based on puns. Consider these: Thai Tanic, En Thai Sing, Thairanosaurus, Appethaising, and Thai to Dhai For. Do you know of any more good ones? 

I had Pad Thai with deep fried prawn wontons, and it was not spicy at all.

Another day in Bangkok I noticed this KFC billboard featuring chocolate, strawberry, and corn sundaes.

These amazing chocolate creations were featured in a boutique at the Shangri-La and look too nice to eat!

We were spoiled every day at the EARCOS conference with gorgeously presented and tasty morsels from the Shangri-La kitchens.

My dessert selection

Don't you just LOVE hotel buffet breakfasts!


  1. Oh,Renee,did you really FINISH EVERYTHING on those plates??!!

  2. I love the paddle-pop fruits. That's a great idea to copy!

  3. Manou, MKs always finish EVERYTHING on their plates!