Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tirzah's recent photos

Wearing all my costume jewellery at once!

Pretend-talking to Manou on a public phone...

...and on the toilet!

Elementary Sports Day at ICS

Chinese New Year

With my playgroup friends

My Kindergarten Spring Concert

This video is thanks to Mrs Jacus


  1. Please tell Mrs Jacus that at least one grandmother in Australia appreciated her video.Of course I am glad that Tirzah was in the front row!

    Thank you, Tirzah, for ALL the 'phone calls!I LOVE phone calls and I LOVE YOU!xxxxfrom Manou

  2. Are all three kids really asleep in Jem's bed, or was the photo staged?
    I especially like the pictures of Tirzah on Chinese New Year!

    1. They are definitely all sleeping, but it is Tirzah's little bed, not Jem's! She just got the best spot!

  3. Yes,I can listen to most things now,thanks to earphones from LF.

  4. Fabulous photos Tirzah! You looked so beautiful on Chinese New Year, and so big in your school tracksuit. can't wait to see you soon!