Monday, September 24, 2012



On Saturday, Keegan signed up for his first U-11 cricket league competition at the Hong Kong Cricket Club. He was so excited to join the "Gappers Club" and collect his team shirt.

Craig and Keegan will be travelling to cricket practice early on Saturday mornings (while I am still snoozing in bed!)  Stay tuned for more photos...


  1. Really excited to see Keegan officially get signed up to play cricket in HK! Look forward to seeing some action photos of Keegan too :) Interesting that NAB are the they have much of a presence in HK?
    Craig L.

  2. This is the first of many cricket shirts sporting Keegan's name...
    Good on you Craig, for taking Keegan out every Saturday morning - definitely a job for Dad!

  3. It seems that MANY good things come from the NAB!!
    Have a great time tomorrow,Keegan.Wish that I could watch you.xxxx M