Thursday, September 6, 2012

What's new?

What's new? We are so happy that my mother ("Manou") is visiting us here in Hong Kong for two weeks.

What's new? Instead of catching a bus and train, my friend Amy now drives us to school every morning in her car.

What's new? Last month some ICS colleagues and I spent an enjoyable day volunteering at Mother’s Choice, a child care home for babies and children awaiting adoption.

What's new? Recently I led these brave troops on an "op shop hop" on Hong Kong Island, exploring several thrift and outlet stores.

What's new? These photos were taken at my friend and co-worker Rachel's baby shower last month. The new part actually came just a few weeks later.

Here he is! Seth David Bradford, born on August 27. Isn't he beautiful?

What's new? Craig and I are entering our fourth and final year here in Hong Kong. At this point it looks like we will not be returning to Perth to live; instead, it is likely we will move back to the Central Coast, NSW, in August 2013 after a trip to the United States.
So if you want to visit us in Hong Kong, you have about ten more months to do so!


  1. Oh no, that's sad you're not coming back to Perth! :( I didn't know you once lived in NSW. We are wanting to come back to HK again for a holiday! So much more we want to see and do!

  2. I love that photo of you and craig.
    All kinds of new and fun things. If you end up near Brisbane, it will give Nathan and I another reason to want to move there, we don't need very many, we loved it.
    I would like to come visit you in HK, I keep praying for those cheap cheap flights.
    Looking forward to the occasion to see you when you come to the US.

  3. :( We've been preparing ourselves for such an announcement but hoping it wouldn't come! But yay for all the other exciting things in this post! Praying for you guys always. Leonie.xx.

  4. Yay! Yay! Yay! So super excited - words can't express!
    I'm so thankful we had the opportunity to visit you in Hong Kong. We loved our time with you all and have many wonderful memories. But a move back to NSW, well that really takes the cake! God is so good :)
    Counting down the months ...

  5. Bummer for us in Perth!!!....keep us posted ...we r going to the Gold Coast for the first time in January! Now we,ll have an excuse to go back! Coming to Hong Kong just for a long layover on 9th available.