Saturday, September 22, 2012

Party at California Vintage

This afternoon we attended a friend's birthday party at Wanchai's California Vintage bar.

It was a great location, right in the heart of the city.

Birthday girl, Megan

Tirzah felt that a party dress was a good enough reason to dance, despite the absence of music.

Imagine her joy when a dance instructor arrived and gave a short lesson to all the willing participants.

Here is a video of Tirzah doing her best to keep up.

Happy birthday, Megan!

Jemilla felt that most of the party was geared towards younger children UNTIL, that is, she received her party favour. She was so glad she came!


  1. Gorgeous dancing by Tirzah - I think she did VERY well keeping up!
    Who is Louis? Some Tweenie sensation I'm guessing!!

  2. Louis is a One Direction band member. I blame Caroline ENTIRELY for influencing Jemilla.

  3. I was thinking One Direction :) So far we have escaped the hysteria!!

  4. What a fun party..... for everyone!

  5. Could Tirzah be any cuter? That dance was great!

  6. Dear Jemilla,
    I have just seen your poster near the checkouts at Dianella IGA and so am learning fast!xxxx M