Monday, September 17, 2012

Nan Lian Gardens

Nestled amongst Diamond Hill’s high-rise apartments are the tranquil Nan Lian Gardens. These serene gardens, built in the Tang Dynasty style, feature Chinese timber architecture, ornamental ponds, petrified rocks, and ancient trees. 

We came to the Nan Lian Gardens intentionally to get some scenic photos of the children with their grandmother, and unfortunately we arrived in the heat of the day. We didn't take any time to explore the souvenir shop or Chinese tea house. We did spy the vegetarian restaurant through a cascading waterfall. I hope we can return to the Nan Lian Gardens at a better time of day when we can fully appreciate their beauty.

The first sight that greeted us today was a sign depicting the numerous rules imposed on visitors to the gardens.

Besides the usual forbidden acts of smoking, pets, graffiti, eating food, and tree-climbing it's interesting to note that frolicking in the gardens is also prohibited. Their website expands on expected behaviour and conduct for visitors to the Nan Lian Gardens. For instance, visitors are requested not to dress "improperly" as this will not be "in harmony with the garden scenery". Other rules are as follows:

  • No offensive or obscene language 
  • No group photos "in case they obstruct or disturb any other person in the proper use of the garden"
  • No graduation gowns, wedding gowns or other similar costumes "which disturb the serene ambiance of the garden"
  • No persons "in a filthy condition"
  • No beggars
  • No exposing or exhibiting of any sores, wounds or bodily impairments or deformities
  • No use of microphones or amplifiers
  • No playing of music or singing
  • No lighting of fires
  • No plucking or damaging of any bud, blossom or leaf of any tree, shrub or plant
  • No bathing, wading, or washing in any ornamental pond, stream or water
  • No flying of kites, model aircraft, or balloons
  • No melting or burning of any wax
If you think you can comply with all of the above regulations, then the Nan Lian Gardens are certainly worth a visit.



  1. Hahahaha! They do love their rules!

    It certainly did look hot, although I noticed you still had your hair down (something I couldn't seem to manage whilst in HK!) Lovely pictures of a beautiful family!

    Loved chatting to you yesterday xxx

  2. You took a group photo! Shameful! ;) I'm surprised it's not nudest since that is most in harmony with nature, right? :) hahaha!