Friday, September 14, 2012

Manou's birthday (by Keegan and Jemilla)

Today was Manou's birthday. All the teachers had to go to school, but we kids had the day off. Yippee! Mum gave us the camera to take photos of how we spent the day.

In the morning we worked on a one hundred piece puzzle together.

Then we played Manou's famous "Tasting Game". We had to close our eyes and taste twelve foods and guess what they were.

Manou kept track of all our guesses.

Tirzah didn't like that one! (Custard powder, I think.)

Then we played Candyland, still in our pyjamas! Tirzah won.

Keegan took this photo of Tirzah's puppy, Caramello.

We made pancakes for lunch.

Manou made special pancakes in the shapes of the first letters of our names.

After lunch we began our hike from Forest Hill to Tai Po Waterfront Park. We found lots of interesting treasures along the way.

a sock

a dead butterfly

a tyre

Can you recognise what this is? I'll give you a clue: it's from Winnie the Pooh.

These drivers were relaxing in their trucks with their feet up.

Tirzah found an air freshener.

Wow! Real grass!

a dead bird

Do you like my hairdo?

We like playing on the playgrounds.

There was a photo shoot for wedding clothes, and the bride was wearing tennis shoes.

Don't tell anyone, but we splashed our feet in this fountain for a little while.

We climbed to the top of this spiral tower. These people were making a television ad.

We met Mum and Dad at the restaurant for tea. We made it all the way from home to there without using any form of transport except for escalators! We were so tired!

Ice cream for dessert. Happy birthday, Manou!


  1. Beautiful photos,Jemilla!
    Wonderful children,Renee and Craig,and thank you God for all Your nature,esp real GRASS in HK!

  2. Many thanks to the kind HK footpath cleaning crew (in the yellow and black striped truck)who kindly turned OFF their water spray as they passed the 4 of us!Mind you, we would have enjoyed a shower on such a warm afternoon!Keegan had the right idea at the bubbler!)